Central Library- Staff List GLA UNIVERSITY, MATHURA
S.No Image Name Designation Email
1 Dr. P. M. Gupta Deputy Librarian librarian@gla.ac.in
2 Dr. Ajay Kumar Sharma Assistant Librarian ajay.sharma@gla.ac.in
3 Mr. Sushil Kumar Singh Assistant Librarian sushil.kumar@gla.ac.in
4 Ms. Shalini Gupta Assistant Librarian Shalini.gupta@gla.ac.in
5 Mr. Mitrapal Singh Chauhan Assistant Librarian mitrapal.singh@gla.ac.in
6 Mr. Chhail Bihari Sharma Sr .Library Info. Assistant chhail.bihari@gla.ac.in
7 Mr. Devendra Kumar Sharma Sr .Library Info. Assistant devendra.sharma@gla.ac.in
8 Mr. Ramakant Jha Sr .Library Info. Assistant ramakant.jha@gla.ac.in
9 Ms. Suman Lata Sr .Library Info. Assistant suman.lata@gla.ac.in
10 Mr. D. S. Sisodia Sr .Library Info. Assistant dasharath.sisodia@gla.ac.in
11 Mr. Pawan Kumar Varshney Library Assistant pawan.kumar@gla.ac.in
12 Mr. Devendra Bhargava Library Assistant devendra.bhargava@gla.ac.in
13 Mr. Yadram Singh Library Assistant yadram.singh@gla.ac.in
14 Mr. Lavkush Agrawal Library Assistant lavkush.agrawal@gla.ac.in
15 Mr. Pratap Singh Library Assistant pratap.singh@gla.ac.in
16 Ms. Deepti Yadav Library Assistant deepti.yadav@gla.ac.in
17 Mr. Mohit Sahu Library Assistant mohit.sahu@gla.ac.in
18 Mr. Gopal Agarwal Library Assistant gopal.agrawal@gla.ac.in
19 Mr. Vivek Kumar Tiwari Library Assistant vivek.tiwari@gla.ac.in
20 Mr. Sonu Kumar Library Assistant sonu.kumar@gla.ac.in
21 Mr. O. P. Srivastava Library Clerk omprakash.srivastava@gla.ac.in
22 Mr. Gyanesh Kumar Verma Library Clerk gyanesh.verma@gla.ac.in
23 Mr. Rajesh Kumar Shukla Library Clerk rajesh.shukla@gla.ac.in
24 Mr. Santosh Kumar Rai Library Clerk santosh.rai@gla.ac.in
25 Ms. Renu Devi Library Clerk renu.devi@gla.ac.in
26 Mr. Mohan Gopal Library Attendent mohan.gopal@gla.ac.in
27 Mr. Govind Prasad Library Attendent govind.prasad@gla.ac.in
28 Mr. Saudan Singh Library Attendent saudansingh.p@gla.ac.in
29 Mr. Satish Singh Library Attendent satish.singh.p@gla.ac.in
30 Mr. Ajay Kumar Library Attendent ajaykumar.p@gla.ac.in
31 Mr. Sanjay Kumar Library Attendent sanjay.tarkar@gla.ac.in
32 Mr. Hari Singh Book Binder hari.singh@gla.ac.in
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Books 171378
Journals(Print) 107
E-Database 07
E-Books 62
News Papers 09
General Magazines 66
CD/DVD 5479

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